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Living in a Digital World, Dylan Mulder, North & South, 2017
Let’s Talk About Sex – Caitlyn Cook, Next, March 2017
Four Corners: The Accidental Milkmaid, North & South, June, 2016
Four Corners: Yellow Gold, North & South, September 2014
Do the Right Thing: Murdoch Stephens, Your Weekend magazine, September 19, 2015
New Zealand Hero: Sir Paul Callaghan, North & South, January, 2012
Society Hero – Cherie, North & South, January, 2012
Sister Act: Sister Loyola, Readers Digest, July, 2010
Diane Foreman, Next, July 2010
DIY Dads, HealthSmart, October/November, 2009
Flat Out: Sarah Laing, Sunday, 2009
Mr Deadpan: Jeremy Wells
, View, November 2, 2008
Great Southern Man: Marcus Lush, View, August 16, 2008

Lana Coc-Kroft, Next, 2008
Fashion Fixture: Kylee Davis, North & South, March, 2007
O Kaye, North & South, June 2007
La Vida Loca: Liz Metcalfe, Next
World Vision: Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, Next
Nothing But a Number: Tina Cross, Next
Italian Love Affair: Nicky Pellegrino, Next
Calling The Shots, Angela Bloomfield, Next
Director’s Chair, Katie Wolfe, Next
Antony Starr, Living magazine (Herald on Sunday)
Jeffrey Masson, Good magazine