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Pay it forward – Dr Richard Levy – Social Notes, 2023
The Agoraphobic Traveller – NZ Listener, 2021
Living in a Digital World, Dylan Mulder, North & South, 2017
Four Corners: The Accidental Milkmaid, North & South, June, 2016
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Sister Act: Sister Loyola, Readers Digest, July, 2010
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DIY Dads, HealthSmart, October/November, 2009
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Mr Deadpan: Jeremy Wells
, View, November 2, 2008
Great Southern Man: Marcus Lush, View, August 16, 2008

Lana Coc-Kroft, Next, 2008
Fashion Fixture: Kylee Davis, North & South, March, 2007
O Kaye, North & South, June 2007
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