Is Breast Always Best, North & South, February 2018
The Super-Commuters, Your Weekend, September 16 2017
The Great Divide Fighting for Equal Pay, Next, June 2017
The Good Enough Mother, NEXT, February 2017
Cracking the Glass, Next, November 2016
The Guilt Trip – Motherhood pressures, NEXT, May 2015
No Kids, No Kidding, Canvas, 2013
Who Do We Trust? NZs Most Trusted People, Reader’s Digest, July, 2012
Blame it on Social Media, Alive magazine, 2011
Wedding Bills: For Richer for Poorer, Canvas, April 10, 2010
Secret Lives, Herald on Sunday, 2010
Mother of All Choices, Herald on Sunday, February 8, 2009
Outside The Square, Canvas, 2008
Sugar and Spice, Herald on Sunday, 2008
The Folks Next Door, Sunday

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